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The internet has lots of free information that can help your business with finding customers and hiring employees, as well as keeping an eye on the market. We can do online research for you, gather all the information you need, and organize it just the way you want.

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Web Data Research Services - Gathering and Analyzing Data

Market Research

We're a top marketing research company, helping you find fresh business ideas across borders and keeping you informed about the newest predictions and trends.

Product Research

Codecony offers web research services that involve studying products and markets. This includes finding details like target markets, product categories, images, and specifications.

Lead Research

Require a list of potential leads? We can assist you in gathering information from online profiles. This includes names, emails, addresses, social media accounts, and phone numbers.

Document Analysis

With CODECONY's document research/ analysis services, you can access information from a vast online library that includes journals, white papers, studies, theses, news publications, and more.

Pricing Analysis

We help companies in developing smart pricing strategies. We analyze competitor pricing data, identify patterns, understand formulas, and adjust campaigns accordingly.

Contact Research

Being a successful data research company, we collect, clean, and refresh contact details for mailing lists, streamlining user targeting and eliminating duplicates.

Procedures for Delivering Web Research Services

Consultation at No Charge
We are here to offer guidance on a solution and assist with your project. We want a full understanding of the project. We can get info from you. Then, we create lists and plans that we are gonna accomplish.
Conduct Data Research
Systematically gather and analyze data from diverse online sources to deliver thorough and precise insights tailored to meet your specific requirements.
Data Delivery
Once we finish collecting and analyzing data, we give you the data and insights. We share updates so you know our progress and can give us your thoughts.
Assistance and Continual Improvement
Clients trust our solutions. We focus on long-term relationships, offering guarantees and support. 70% of clients return for new projects.

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